Resource Center Poster Session II

Building a Strong Foundation towards Health Equity : An Integrated Health Care Delivery System's Journey
Wednesday, March 13, 2013: 07:30 AM - 05:30 PM, OAK, East Hall
This poster presentation will describe Kaiser Permanente’s journey towards achieving health equity and reducing health care disparities. As an integrated healthcare delivery system, the organization has made significant progress to align national strategies on   Diversity, Quality, Research and Community Benefits to achieve equitable care for its members.  It will describe the national efforts to promote leadership engagement and achieve organizational and regional alignment of goals.

 Through the use of Health Information Technology (HIT), the organization was able to collect race, ethnicity and preferred language data consistently which then became the foundation for the development of clinical outcomes data. These provided valuable information to national and regional leaders as they developed strategic plans to reduce health disparities.

 Today, the organization’s focus is on fostering organizational learning by identifying successful programs and care delivery systems that have utilized evidence –based research to implement strategies for African Americans with Hypertension and Colorectal Cancer Screening for Hispanic/Latinos. The presentation will describe effective strategies to spread best practices and develop practical tools for frontline physicians and health care team members

Presentation Information:

Program: Poster Presentations (Main Conference)
Primary Category: Organizational Cultural Competence
Subtopics: Implementing disparity reduction programs, Organizational plans, policies, management strategies, Quality improvement

Region Addressed by Presentation: National
Organization: Health Care System

Rowena Bartolome, RN, PHN, BSN, MHA , Department of Care and Service Quality, Kaiser Permanente, Oakland, CA
    National Program Leader
    Kaiser Permanente
    Department of Care and Service Quality
    One Kaiser Plaza 18B
    Oakland CA, USA 94612

    Phone: 510 851 1393
    Email Address:

    Biographical Sketch:
    Rowena Bartolome, RN, PHN,MHA is a National Progam Leader at the Department of Care and Service Quality,Kaiser Permanente. In this role,she is responsible for the implementation of equitable care programs at the national level. She is currently working with national and regional leaders to develop care management and quality improvement programs to reduce the health disparities gap. Prior to this position, she was a Quality Leader and Director of Care Management where she was responsible for the implementation of chronic condition and preventive programs. She provided leadership and direction for a service area in its Patient Centered Medical Home NQCA certification.

Sharon Takeda Platt, PhD , Hospitals, Quality and Care Delivery Excellence, Kaiser Permanente, Oakland, CA
    Principal Consultant
    Kaiser Permanente
    Hospitals, Quality and Care Delivery Excellence
    One Kaiser Plaza - 13 Lakeside
    Oakland CA, USA 94612

    Phone: 510-271-6363
    Email Address:

    Biographical Sketch:
    Sharon Takeda Platt is responsible for the measurement of equitable care for the eight Kaiser Permanente regions and programwide. The portfolio of measures on the Big Q Dashboard includes fifteen HEDIS effectiveness of care measures. To stratify by race/ethnicity, administrative data are merged with reported and imputed race/ethnicity data. Equitable care reports are produced quarterly. Facility level reports for every region are also available. Sharon began her Kaiser career in the Northern California Region. Her experience includes: analytic manager responsible for HEDIS reporting, quality goal studies, and outreach; analytic lead for asthma population management; vaccine studies in the Division of Research; pharmacy benefit rating; and policy analysis for new benefits and technologies. She holds PhD and MA degrees in Sociology from Stanford University.

Gayle Tang, RN, MSN , National Diversity, National Linguistic and Diversity Infrastructure Management, Kaiser Permanente, Oakland, CA
    Senior Director
    Kaiser Permanente
    National Diversity, National Linguistic and Diversity Infrastructure Management
    One Kaiser Plaza
    Oakland CA, USA 94612

    Phone: 510-271-6386
    Email Address:

    Biographical Sketch:
    Gayle Tang is Senior Director of National Linguistic & Diversity Infrastructure Management, overseeing National Linguistic & Cultural Programs and the Institute for Culturally Competent Care. In her current role, she pioneers innovations in strategic management, systems and infrastructure design, culturally & linguistically competent care, and workforce development. Gayle has been instrumental in leading visionary change that has influenced quality standards Programwide and throughout the industry. Gayle advances the development and implementation of a national diversity infrastructure that informs and supports achievement of Kaiser Permanente’s National Diversity Agenda throughout the Program; develops and implements national strategic plans for utilizing and leveraging organizational cultural expertise to inform strategic business decisions and initiatives, culturally competent care practices, and brand enhancement; and monitors implementation of components of the Executive Diversity Agenda. Gayle also serves as Staff to the National Diversity Council and is a member of Kaiser Permanente’s National Health Disparities Workgroup.