Jessica Briefer French, MHSA

Senior Consultant
1100 13th Street, NW Suite 1000
Washington DCUSA

Biographical Sketch:
Jessica Briefer French, MHSA, Senior Consultant for Research and Analysis at NCQA,is responsible for projects focused on improving care to diverse populations. Ms. French directs projects to develop standards for culturally and linguistically appropriate services and disparities reduction, issue annual awards for health plans and provide demonstration grants program for small physician practices that are working to improve care for their minority patients. She is also responsible for the publication of several versions of a guide to quality improvement in multicultural health care. Previously, Ms. French was responsible for the development, implementation and management of human research protection accreditation programs for NCQA. Prior responsibilities have included managing government contracts and grant-funded projects to measure, evaluate and report on health care quality. She has over two decades experience in health care and health care quality management.