Jeffrey M. Ring, PhD

Director, Behavioral Sciences
White Memorial Medical Center
Family Medicine Residency Program
1720 Cesar Chavez Avenue
Los Angeles CAUSA

Biographical Sketch:
Jeffrey Ring, Ph.D. is the Director of Behavioral Sciences at the Family Medicine Residency Program at White Memorial Medical Center in East Los Angeles. He is the first author of a new book (Radcliffe Press, 2008) entitled Curriculum for Culturally Responsive Health Care: A Step-by-Step Guide to Cultural Competence Training. His work with the cultural medicine team at White Memorial, and funded by the California Endowment, has focused on the development of a comprehensive curriculum which attends to the awareness, attitudes, knowledge and skills components of cultural issues in medical education. Moreover, the curriculum has been developed with attention to successfully meet ACGME criteria. Over the past twenty years, Dr. Ring has written, taught and lectured on culturally responsive care both nationally and internationally, including a number of past ‘Quality Health Care for Diverse Populations’ Conferences. He was formally the Co-Chair of the Group on Minority Health and Multicultural Education for the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine. Dr. Ring has published several articles on medical education in Family Medicine, and authored ‘The Long and Winding Road: Personal Reflections of An Anti-Racism Trainer’ in the American Journal of Orthopsychiatry in January, 2000.