Sixth National Conference on Quality Health Care for Culturally Diverse Populations:

C-5 Integrating LGBT issues into the cultural competence agenda

This roundtable discussion will provide an overview of cultural competency issues related to barriers to health care faced by members of the LGBT community. The panelists will present background information about the range of challenges that confront LGBT patients and ways to address the health needs of the LGBT community. The session will then be opened up for a broader discussion for participants to identify additional issues and to explore what culturally competent health care for this population might look like.
Tuesday, September 23, 2008: 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
6th Floor - St. Croix II (Minneapolis Marriott City Center)
2:00 PM
Roundtable Discussion: What Is Culturally Competent Health Care for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Community?
Doreena Wong, JD, National Health Law Program; Joel Ginsberg, JD, MBA, Gay and Lesbian Medical Association (GLMA); Jennifer Pizer, Esq, Lambda Legal; Shane Snowdon, University of California, San Francisco
3:00 PM
Enhancing Cultural Competence: Welcoming LGBT People into Recovery - Using Resources You Already Have
Christian Huygen, PhD, Heights Hill Mental Health Service, SBPC, Community Advisory board, Inc.